Holy Ghost Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America (OCA)
210 Maplewood Avenue, Ambridge, PA 15003



Altar Servers
Here is the description of an altar server as seen through the eyes of an altar server:  "To serve in the Altar is a privilege.  To be in the presence of God is even more a privilege.  Being in the presence of God means little or no talking during the service unless necessary and always listening to directions." Any boy who has received his First Holy Confession is eligible to become an altar server.  The servers are divided into groups which alternate serving on Sundays.


"We will sing with the Spirit; We will sing also with the understanding." (I Corinthians 14:15)
This is the ultimate goal and responsibility of our Holy Ghost Church Choir.
Although the beautiful responses, led by the choir, help to create a more conducive setting for proper worship and prayer, te active participation by our entire congregation has always been strongly encouraged.
The choir continually seeks new members - All Are Welcome!

Church Council

The Church Council is a twelve (12) member board elected by the parishioners to govern the secular activities of the Church.  Headed by the parish priest as its spiritual leader, the council oversees the daily operations and needs of the Church.  The council meets on a monthly basis and plans church related activities.

Church School

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)
This is the mutual goal and objective of our Holy Ghost Church School Staff.  A firm knowledge and personal understanding of the fundamental teachings/beliefs of the Eastern Orthodox Church, such a prayer, the Sacred Mysteries, Holy Scripture, and the importance of icons are all highly stressed.  In addition, a Vacation Church School has been implemented in order to further enhance the Cristian development of our children.

Ladies Altar Society

The Ladies Altar Society of the Myrrh Bearers, founded in 1927, has as its goals the perpetuation of the Orthodox Christian Faith.  The beautifying of the interior of the local church, vestments for the priest and altar boys and altar covers; and to support the Orthodox Church in America on a national and diocesan level whenever possible.
All women of the Holy Ghost Orthodox Church (at least 18 years of age and in good standing) are eligible to join.  Meetings are held whenever it is deemed necessary (3 or 4 a year) with an annual meeting in October.  Dues are nominal.  To raise money for their projects, the Altar Society ladies bake and sell bread.

Fellowship of Orthodox Christians of America (FOCA)

The Ambridge "O" Club is a chapter member of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians of America.  The F.O.C.A.'s main goals are to promote and advance the religious, educational, social and athletic activities of the people of the Eastern Orthodox Faith.  It achieves these goals through regular events both on a local, district and national level, which allows practical means for its members to become acquainted to form long and enduring friendships.  If a person is interested in joining this organization, please contact the chapter president concerning membership specifics.

Junior FOCA / Teen Group

We are especially proud of our young Christians at Holy Ghost.  Educational classes of our Teen Group, led by Fr. Will Evansky, meet on a weekly basis throughout the Church School year, which provides the cornerstone for our young people in their service to God, to our Church and our community.  Most of our teens serve as chanters and altar servers.  They have also started to organize and arrange the Paschal flowers of our Lord's grave.  They have established a solid tradition of Christmas caroling to our Parish's shut-ins, and at least two to three times per year, they prepare lunches that are distributed on the North Side of Pittsburgh for the homeless families and individuals.  Our teens also enjoy at least two or three social gatherings each year such as go-karting, laser tag and cosmic bowling to name a few.


Father Deacon Matt Stahoviak, Father Bill Evansky, Father Deacon Michael Sochka, Father Deacon Peter Ilchuk.